A Note From Bryan

We are super excited to take 2019 by storm with all of you. We know that you are all setting your sights on the New Year and you have goals. We want you to know that we are here to help you reach those goals. Our 2019 programming is planned to deliver, big time. Below is a list of common goals and what we are doing in 2019 to help you reach them: Weight Lifting PRs – We are following conventional practices as well as adding in wave programs to build strength in our core lifts. We are very focused on stability strength as well which is important as your prime movers get stronger. You will see a lot of super sets and non-PR days along this journey in 2019. But, I promise you it is all part of the plan. Gymnastics Skills – CrossFit Playground is getting their ring muscle ups in 2019. At a minimum of one day per week we will rest day from our heavy lifting and we will focus on gymnastics skills. We will also be adding skills into the warm ups to give you a set amount of time each day to work on specific skills. Lastly during open gym time slots coaches will be here to help you with drills designed to progress on these skills. Weight Loss – Obviously weight loss is a typical goal for so many people. 1 pound is the equivalent of 3500 calories. Our programming is designed to burn 350-400 calories on average each metcon. Please note: we are all different so some may burn more while others burn less. And this is an estimate based on heart rate data I’ve pulled by doing most of these metcons so it could be different for some. Some longer metcons may burn even more. You will also burn more calories during weight lifting sessions. You can accelerate your weight loss with a cut in calorie intake as well and it is not uncommon to lose 2+ pounds every 10 days on this plan. There is no doubt that diet is key and you can NOT out work a bad diet. For Example – A single donut can be 450 calories and throws away all the work you put in at your workout. Check out the nutrition facts here – https://www.dunkindonuts.com/en/food-drinks/donuts/donuts We will be talking about different diet plans and approaches to achieve your goals but, understanding your macros is the ultimate key. Weight Gain/Muscle Gain – Same as with weight loss so many of us struggle with gaining weight in muscle mass. Most people who try will argue that it is actually harder to gain weight(good muscle) than to lose it. Understanding the calories burned in metcons and your macros is even more important for this goal. Knowing the shift in protein as well as carbohydrates that is needed for muscle growth is very important. Our weight lifting program will build muscle and strength while our metcons are carving the fat. If this is your goal and you need guidance let us help you. Like we have said we are 100% committed to your goals but, we need to know them to help you. Approach your coach or Erin and Bryan for help on this, we’d truly love to guide you to success. Let’s do this! Have a great holiday!

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