The CrossFit Open 2019

A Note from Bryan

Good morning Playgrounders!
Wow was this a heavy week or what? We went heavy pulling, pressing, squatting and hinging all in one week. And guess what everyone survived and many of you PR’d multiple lifts! Conditioning this week was mixing some nasty sprints along with AMRAPs that seemed to last forever. We have pushed your aerobic capacity higher and further by working endurance and threshold all in one week.
Who knew that in CrossFit you can work conditioning and weightlifting in the same week??? Wait…We knew that because that’s what we do.
I think it is safe to say you are all ready for 19.1. I can’t wait to see what you all can do now.
Next week we will start to transition the programming a touch. Remember that the programming is designed for everyone not just competitors for the Open. Since the Opens are typically more conditioning based we will be leaning towards a cutting plan during them. Take advantage of this time if you’d like to lose a little weight by making the appropriate diet adjustments. Open gym is available on the weekends if you need to lift heavier than what the programming provides. Also make the appropriate adjustments in the workouts for your goals in the opens. If you don’t know how please talk to your coach, me, or Erin to guide you.
Make the opens FUN and test yourself, but please don’t give up all your other fitness goals for the next 5 weeks.


A Note from Erin

In just a few short hours, CrossFit will unveil the first work out of the 2019 CrossFit Open. I don’t know about you but my wheels have been turning as usual … what do they have in store for us this year??? I think I speak for every CrossFitter when I say we can’t wait to find out!
For me, the Open symbolizes a time when we really evaluate what the heck we’ve been doing all year. What new skills have we mastered? Are we stronger? Faster? Are we putting out more power? Que the slight feelings of stress and anxiety; not because we’re worried about what others think, but more so that we want to know our time spent busting our a$$es wasn’t all for nothing. Am I right?
If you’re feeling this way, I have something to tell you. You may be surprised, or you might already know. The past few months, you’ve been training to maximize your potential. Everything you’ve been doing is to build upon an already existing drive you all possess, otherwise you wouldn’t be here! Physically, you are without a doubt capable.
Now we have to talk about your mindset. Have you ever noticed how much praise and encouragement we give to our CFPG friends? I hear people building each other up all day every day. It’s literally so amazing to be around. Now give a little bit of that praise to yourself. Close your eyes and tell yourself that you can do it. You can achieve what you may have once thought is unachievable. I know this because I’ve been watching people do it for seven years.
On Thursdays before the Open WODs are announced, we’re working the GOATS. Get in there and get face to face with that troublesome skill or movement. I promise you, some solid time spent practicing will make you better. And you never know, you might just learn a new skill just in time for the Open!
I wish all of our members, past and present, an amazing CrossFit Open. Good luck and kick butt!
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