How to Start

We all started right here…

…and take it from us, starting CrossFit was life changing for all of us.

Our goal is to present CrossFit to you according to your goals. We have a series of foundations classes that will teach you the fundamentals of the movements, acclimate you to our environment, and introduce you to some amazing people. These classes run individually or small group and usually comprise of 3-4 one hour sessions. You’ll work closely with one or more of our coaches and we’ll show you how you can be empowered by your fitness.

You may have heard – you have to get fit before you go to CrossFit. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Come and take a look around at the diversity of our community and you’ll see that anyone can join us at any fitness level. We are 100% committed to your experience, fitness, and personal goals.

Contact Us

Bryan - 860.885.4543
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CrossFit Playground52 Upton Rd, Colchester, CT 06415