The Jingle Bowl 2021

Tis the Season to show your Gym Pride at Game Day – Join us for the first ever JINGLE BOWL – a CrossFit Competition and Tailgate Party with special demonstrations by CrossFit Kids and Teens. It’s all going down Saturday, December 11 – Doors open at 8:00.

The Jingle Bowl
A same sex partners competition
M/M and F/F divisions only
$50 per team

Saturday December 11, 2021 || Doors open at 8:00am

You! Anyone is invited to participate. Partner up and sign up.

Sign up your team below >>>

8:00am – Arrival and Check In
8:30am – Athlete Briefing
9:00am – WOD 1
10:00am – CrossFit Kids Demonstration
10:30am – WOD 2
11:30am – CrossFit Teens Demonstration
11:45am – WOD 3
1:00pm – Podiums


WOD 1: “Squat Clean Ladder”

2 Squat Cleans
10 Bar over Burpees

+2 Squat Clean Every Round, partners split the squat clean and burpee reps evenly. Weight = 185/135 but you may pay a 5 burpee penalty for every 10#s subtracted from the RX weight.

Ex. Male team chooses 165# (minus 20#) they must complete 10 additional burpees – 20 Burpees per round

Score: Squat Clean Reps

Judging standards –

Squat Clean – 

  1. Both sides of the barbell plates must start from the floor at a dead stop
  2. Athlete must squat with the barbell below parallel and in the front rack position
  3. Athlete must stand at full extension with their feet under their hips while the barbell is in the front rack position

Rep is counted at this finished position. NOT TO DO – Do not bounce a barbell to your partner. The squat clean must be performed from a dead stop on the floor.

Bar Over Burpee

  1. Athletes chest must be in full contact with the floor
  2. Two foot take off over the bar

Rep is counted at this finished position.

Workout description –

Partners will split ALL reps (yes, one partner may do one extra burpee if you pay an odd number penalty). 

AMRAP 9 – Only squat cleans count as reps in this workout. 

Tie Break = time at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc…. At the point in which the squat cleans are finished.

WOD 2: “Rival’s Revenge”

Bike Calories
Devils Press(35/25#)

Partner 1 bikes while partner 2 devil presses and then switch. Each partner performs 21-15-9 reps of each movement.

Score: Total Reps in 9 Min

Judging standards –

Bike Calories –

  1. Roll over calories WILL be allowed so long as the 2nd athlete makes it back to the bike in time. If the timer resets, no rollover calories will be awarded (some strategy here). Judges will NOT touch the bikes or the computers but they are allowed to give guidance if needed. 

Rep is counted when the bike hits the correct calorie.

NOT TO DO – Do not jump off the bike with the pedals in motion to gain extra roll over calories … it’s dangerous.

Devil’s Press –

  1. Starts with 2 Dumbbells and all 4 heads of those dumbbells should start on the floor
  2. The athletes chest should be in contact with the FLOOR between the dumbbells
  3. Athlete is to jump up from the floor with a grip on the dumbbells and perform a double dumbbell snatch
  4. Ends with the dumbbells over head in a full extension position

Rep is counted at the finished position.

NOT TO DO – Dumbbells are not allowed in a resting position on the shoulders at any time. Dropping dumbbells from a position higher than the knees will result in a lost rep.

Workout description –

Partner A will wait for partner B to complete their task before proceeding to the next round.

AMRAP 9 – All reps count towards the score. If you make it through the round of 9, start at the round of 21 over again.

Tie Break = time at 21, 15, 9, etc …

WOD 3: “Dubs Karen”

Within a 10 min time cap for time –
300 Wall Balls split evenly 20/14#

Score: Time/Reps in Time Cap

Judging standards –

Wall Ball –

  1. Starts with the ball on the floor at a dead stop
  2. The athletes will pick up the ball and complete a full squat (below parallel)
  3. The athletes will raise out of the squat and throw the ball to a target (10′ for men and 9′ for women)

Rep is counted at the point of proper contact on the wall or target.

NOT TO DO – Bouncing the ball from the floor or using equipment as a depth target are not permitted.

Workout description –

For time with a 10 minute cap, athletes may split the reps in any method they choose but the rep count must be even. Ex. If partner A completes 30 wall balls partner B must finish 30 wall balls before switching. 

Tie Break = time at 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 reps

Yes! Let’s tailgate! Bring your tailgating must-haves and we’ll bring ours 🙂



The Jingle Bowl
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