Sunday August 25, 2019 | CrossFit Kids Fall Session Begins

Come get Fit and Have Fun at CrossFit Kids by CrossFit Playground! CrossFit Kids is for All Kids Ages 4-7 (Fire Breathers) and Ages 8-12 (Dragons). The purpose of our program is to emphasize the importance of proper foundational movement patterns through strength training, metabolic conditioning, and of course, PLAY. Our mission is to establish healthy habits through diet and exercise early on, therefore decreasing the instances of obesity and communicable diseases. Also as a bonus, CrossFit Kids learn how to work as a team, build confidence, and support one another during challenging moments. We’re so proud of our program and all of the kids we’ve had the pleasure of working with so far.

We hope you can join us for our Fall Session, starting August 25, but please feel free to jump in anytime! Monthly rates apply.

Sunday September 8, 2019 12pm | CFPG SUP and Kayak Excursion

Join us on Sunday, September 8, 2019 at Black Hall Outfitters in Old Lyme for some Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking on the Black Hall River at the Great Island salt water Estuary, considered one of the top destinations in the Northeast for paddle sports, fishing, and outdoor marine recreation. Please arrive at 11:50 AM to give us ample time to get our equipment in the water. We will be able to enjoy time on the water for 2 hours.

This event is for CFPG Members and their families.

SUP or Kayak Rental is $40 maximum
Launching Fee for your own SUP or Kayak is $20 maximum

*These prices are definitely subject to change based off of attendance numbers.

Pack yourself some food and bevs to enjoy during or after our excursion. Alcoholic beverages are permitted. There is space for us to all hang and enjoy the day after we get out of the water.

The fine people at Black Hall Outfitters suggested it might be easier to pay all on one tab, so if everyone could bring cash, that would be awesome!

Let us know if you have any questions about this event. We’re excited to engage in a fun activity with you all outside of the gym and hope everyone can attend!

Saturday September 14, 2019 7:30am | The Local Rivals at CrossFit High Order

Welcome to THE 2019 LOCAL RIVALS SERIES!! 4 local boxes, 4 competitions. Come out and support our CFPG Athletes!

Athletes will be limited to Schedule II CrossFit, CrossFit Breakdown, CrossFit High Order & CrossFit Playground ONLY.

Each event will take on a different theme, determined by the event’s hosting box. Competition day schedule will remain somewhat consistent across the board: 

Doors Open: 7:30AM
Check-in: 7:30AM-8:15AM
Athlete Briefing: 8:30AM
First Heat: 9:00AM

We will have RX, Scaled, and Master’s divisions. Master’s will be considered 40+, except for the Schedule II event which will be 35+.

$49.99 for each event, and this also gets you a shirt if you register by the deadline.

This year, our competition is going to be different. We want to go back to the roots of CrossFit and truly work inside and outside the box. CrossFit believes you should be prepared for anything from a game of basketball to swimming the English Channel. We are going to challenge you in strength, endurance, teamwork, mental toughness, strategy, communication, and trust.

There is only one division- Open Division. Your team (squad) will be comprised of 4 individuals. Teams can be all female, male, or any mix of genders. There is no requirement for sex or age on the team. You will need one person to be the team captain. Their job is to ask questions or relay any information given to them on competition day.

Team requirements should be based on Girls Relay WOD: :

1 person who can do 30 pull ups in a workout

1 person who can deadlift 185/105 for reps

1 person who can perform 150 wallballs with 14/10

1 person who can jump rope

As a team you should be able to carry 150# at waist height together.

We have 8-10 events planned. It takes time to plan logistics so we aren’t going to say much. Plan to be working for 3-4 hours in a type of obstacle course event with running and carrying odd objects. Here is an idea of what we have planned (subject to change).


Girls Relay: 30 Minute Time Cap. Each team member will be assigned one “Girl’s” WOD to complete. Use strategy to assign your team member to the respective workout. On 3,2,1, GO, Team Member 1 (T1) will complete Karen. Once complete, T1 will tag T2 to start Jackie. This will continue until all 4 Girls are complete by 4 different team members or team hits 30 minute time cap.

Karen- 150 wallballs (14/10#)

Jackie- 1000m Row, 50 Thrusters (45/35#) 30 jumping pull ups

Annie- 50-40-30-20-10 Single Unders and Abmat SIt Ups (dubs are NOT allowed)

Diane- 21-15-9 deadlift (185/105#) and hand release push ups

Berlin Wall- Max reps for team up and over a 6’ wall. Time:TBD

Tractor Pull- 100m truck pull

Totem Pole- Heavy logs moved and stacked in a heads up style race

4 Person Push Up Challenge, Team will make a square and rest their legs on the backs of their other teammate. Rep will count when everyone’s arms are locked out and chest and thighs off the ground. Time/Reps: TBD

And more….

Sunday September 15, 2019 7:30am | Body Comp Cryo Returns to CFPG

Body Comp Cryo is a one of a kind mobile fitness lab for testing body composition and recovery. The lab provides state of the art technology and services so that individuals can achieve their fitness goals and recover from workout induced pain. Services include whole body cryotherapy, body fat testing with the gold standard BOD POD®​, cupping therapy, normatec pulse recovery, as well as resting metabolic rate testing.

Body Comp Cryo will be rolling into CFPG on Sunday, September 15, 2019 for appointments during our morning classes and open gym. If possible, please sign up in advance in the entry at CFPG; the price list and time slots will be posted. Signing up in advance is encouraged although last time drop ins were definitely accommodated. 

We’re looking forward to having Tim and Body Comp Cryo back at the PG and we hope to see you all there!

Check out their website –

Saturday September 28, 2019 7:00am | WOD Lab 2.0 – Competition Testing Series

You’re invited to join Bryan “the Devil” Dowd in WOD Lab 2.0, WOD Lab testing specifically for Competition WODs. Subjects will run through some “fun” and “challenging” workouts, testing different movements, repetitions, weights, and time domains and then rate them based off of several factors.
And yes, WOD Lab is for all … the more, the better mwahahahahaaaa

Pre-registration required
Sign Up Sheet located in the Entry of CrossFit Playground

Thursday October 10, 2019 | The CrossFit Open Begins

Yes, you read that correctly. We’re having the 2nd CrossFit Open of 2019. For those who are unfamiliar with the CrossFit Open …

While we hit benchmark workouts at our affiliates throughout the year (1-rep-max back squat, 1-rep-max snatch, Fran, Cindy), the CrossFit Games Open is the time to see how we perform compared to other CrossFitters around the world.


The Open is comprised of five workouts over five weeks. Open workouts are identified by their year and the order in which they appear. The workouts will be released every Thursday during the five weeks of the Open, and you can watch the live announcement of the workout that will be streamed on the CrossFit Games website.

Back in February, we hosted five weeks of Saturday Night Lights during the Open. Playgrounders came together to complete the Open workouts, we went all out with decor, food, beverages, and themes. It was a lot of fun … and it was exhausting! We have so many big plans for the remainder of 2019 and would rather sink our eggs in other baskets, ya dig?

So without further ado, here is our approach to the second CrossFit Open of 2019. 
The Open Work Outs will be released on Thursday nights. On the following Saturday and Sunday, we will reserve the 9AM Adult CrossFit Class time and Open Gym time for Athletes to come complete the Open workouts. Please be advised that at 8AM on those days, we will run a normal Adult CrossFit class. Our CrossFit Kids classes will run as regularly scheduled. 

On the Saturday night after the announcement of the last Open work out (November 9, 2019) we will host one Saturday Night Lights to go out with a bang. This party will be low maintenance. Pot Luck Style, BYOB … Let’s celebrate our Athletes and all they’ve accomplished since the last open, less than a year before! The party will kick off at 6pm. We’re looking forward to enjoying some stellar performances and good company with the Best Community Around. 

Saturday December 7, 2019 7:30am | THE LOCAL RIVALS AT CROSSFIT PLAYGROUND

We’re hosting our first competition since becoming owners at CFPG! AGHHHHHH. We’re so excited. More information coming soon. 

Saturday December 14, 2019  | The Prom at the Playground 

Let’s celebrate the Holidays and AN AMAZING YEAR at CrossFit Playground by getting all dolled up in our best … we’re going to the Prom! More information coming very soon 🙂

Bryan - 860.885.4543
Erin - 860.917.4688

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