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CrossFit Playground has several personal trainers, some who work at CrossFit Playground and some who utilize our facilities. We can personalize workout programming to achieve your goals. We also offer in home training and nutrition services. Every trainer we have on staff and work with are vetted, professional, and experienced.

We will start with a health assessment process and question and answer session about your diet and lifestyle. This period allows us to develop a customized plan to meet your goals. At that point you will have several options –

  1. At will training program – Complete your workouts at home on your time. Report your journal entries and workout entries to your coach remotely(through our website tool) and we will tweak the programming as you progress.
  2. Our house one on one program – You will come here and complete your workouts with your coach present and live to help you with the movements and motivation. At the end of the session you sit with your coach and discuss your diet and progress with your lifestyle changes.
  3. Our house group session – Pair up with a couple friends and come in for a discounted group workout with your coach. Diet and progress reporting will be done remotely in this instance because we can not provide a private setting for each person in the group.
  4. Your house one on one program – Complete your workouts at home with your coach present. A one on one diet and progress assessment will occur at the end of each session. Your coach will ask to see inside your fridge so be prepared this is an all in solution.



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