Team WOD

Team WOD at CrossFit Playground is designed with the intention of giving sport specific and multi-sport athletes a chance to get #playgroundstrong with their team without sacrificing practice time. It’s easy – get in touch and schedule your Team WOD training session. We will develop and implement a custom 90 minute “team practice” in our facility with our highly experienced coaching staff. In addition to yielding tremendous strength and conditioning gains, our program promotes injury prevention, adaptation of new skills, and team unity and leadership.

CrossFit has been scientifically proven to be a superior methodology for developing functional strength, balance, agility, and stamina relative to traditional strength and conditioning methodologies. By taking the principles of CrossFit in combination with the demands of your sport, we’re able to execute a program that brings your team to a new level of athleticism.

Team WOD is a 90 minute session. The cost per session is $150. Weekend and Weekday Time slots available.

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Bryan - 860.885.4543
Erin - 860.917.4688

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