WOD Lab 3.0 CrossFit Open 2022 Testing Series


The Open is Coming.

ALL CrossFitters are welcome to join us as we analyze and predict the CrossFit Open 2022 at one of our favorite seminars – WOD Lab 3.0 – CrossFit Open Testing Series.

What is WOD Lab? In WOD Lab, we gather together for a fun exercise in creating the perfect storm of a WOD – considering all the elements  – the movements, the reps, the time, the scheme, the weight, etc. Take a look behind the scenes of how your workouts are written and tested for your enjoyment (and torture mwahahahahh)!

WOD Lab 3.0 gets us excited about the highly anticipated CrossFit Open – the largest participatory sporting event on Earth. In this seminar, we will anticipate the Open WODs movements and rep schemes, write some killer WODs, and then become the test subjects – that’s right, we’ll be testing and reporting our findings. Bonus – this seminar series will totally prepare you for the upcoming CrossFit Open beginning February 24, 2021.

What: WOD Lab 3.0 – CrossFit Open 2022 Testing Series

Who: ALL CROSSFITTERS whether you plan to participate in the Open or not – this one’s for you.

Sunday January 16, 2022 || 10:00am – 11:30am
Sunday February 6, 2022 || 10:00am – 11:30am

Where: CrossFit Playground || 52 Upton Road, Colchester

Cost: $20 per class

Contact us if you have any questions!
Bryan Dowd (860) 885-4543
Erin Walls (860) 917-4688

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WOD Lab 3.0
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Bryan - 860.885.4543
Erin - 860.917.4688

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