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Adult CrossFit Classes in Colchester, CT

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Adult CrossFit

Join us for CrossFit Class. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, our tailored program takes the benefits of CrossFit (functional movements, high intensity intervals, and constantly varied workouts) combined with other fitness disciplines to give you effective results like:

  • Increased Lean Muscle
  • Reduced Body Fat Percentage
  • Improved Overall Fitness
  • Improved Mental Health

What to expect?

Adult CrossFit is a group fitness class instructed by an experienced CrossFit Coach. Class begins with a coach lead warm up and thorough instruction and practice. Athletes will perform weightlifting and/or aerobic capacity training as prescribed for the WOD (Workout of the Day). During the class, the coach will provide guidance and training to each individual athlete. If needed, the coach will make recommendations for modifying or scaling, a method we use to give athletes of all levels a fun and challenging workout.

Although our members come for fitness, they leave with knowledge, pride, confidence, and many friendships. The benefits are endless - all you have to do is walk through the door.

Adult CrossFit meets for 5 classes Monday - Friday and 2 classes on Saturday and Sunday. Adult CrossFit class is one hour. For more info, get in touch.

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