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CrossFit Teens

CrossFit Playground is proud to offer next level training for young adults who: 1. Are looking to engage in a fitness routine and/or 2. Are looking for training to enhance their performance in sports. Our Teens program is an extension of the Principles of CrossFit taught in Foundations and we welcome any teen to get started any time. Special attention is paid to fine tuning technical components of lifting and gymnastics and Athletes are encouraged to test their body’s performance over time. Like all of our Youth programs, we emphasize building core and stability strength and proper movement.

What to Expect

CrossFit Teens is a group fitness class instructed by an experienced CrossFit Coach. Class begins with a coach lead warm up and thorough instruction and practice. Athletes will perform weightlifting and/or aerobic capacity training as prescribed for the WOD (Workout of the Day). During the class, the coach will provide guidance and training to each individual athlete. If needed, the coach will make recommendations for modifying or scaling, a method we use to give athletes of all levels a fun and challenging workout.

CrossFit Teens don’t just grow in fitness – they develop confidence, a love for their bodies, and a love for their community. CrossFit Playground is a safe space for all of our teens and a chance for continuous improvement and growth.

CrossFit Teens class meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7pm-8pm.

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